Lean Strategy – In It to Win It

Photo courtesy of nhl.com

Congratulations to the Chicago Blackhawks for winning the 2010 Stanley Cup.

The last time Chicago won the Cup? – 1961…three years before I was born!

So what’s the connection to lean?  Perseverance.  Persistence.  The right attitude.  Take a look at the photo.  Count the smiles.  Now count the missing teeth.

These guys are in it to win it.  The taste of victory can be sweet…and sometimes it can take a long while to get it back.

Our lean implementation strategies should be long-term and we need to resist the urge to quit or slow down when success eludes us for an extended period of time.  How many of us would survive a drought of success for 49 years?  9 years?  9 months?

Let’s be in it to win it!

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Hey there...I'm Steve. I built theThinkShack...a virtual hideaway about Lean Thinking and how it Connects to Everyday Life.
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One Response to Lean Strategy – In It to Win It

  1. Matt Wrye says:

    Perseverance is one of the biggest traits of a lead leader. We are trying to create change and that is not easy. Even when we have those horrible days that make us feel like we want to leave the company or just give up. We need to be in it to win it and always keep that mindset. One day we will get to hoist the cup…….the Lean Cup!

    Can I get my name engraved on it 🙂

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