It’s Time to Stop and Fix Something


Big news story yesterday in Connecticut.

Click link to view the ambulance explosion.

Another fine example of how the media distorts the facts to create the frenzy.  The female reporter makes you think the explosion and fire occurred with the patient and crew still inside the ambulance.  Then you discover later this was not the case.

The media has been out of control for years.  Sadly, the U.S. government and our economy is also out of control.  Consider the following list of issues plaguing the United States:

  • Gulf Oil Spill – now over 80 days into the mess
  • U.S. National Debt- $13 trillion and climbing…fast.
  • Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan
  • Healthcare / Medicare / Medicaid
  • Border Control / Drug Traffic Issues
  • Immigration Law
  • Unemployment – 9.5%
  • Recession – heading for possible double dip?
  • Others?

I will not attempt to prioritize this list into order of importance.  Nor do I wish to stir the political pot any further than it is already being stirred.  But something has to give.

The most hyped story the media has covered over the past few days is what team NBA star Lebron James will play for over the next few years.  Now we know.  No, I will not provide a link (and I’m a big sports fan).  Our government is suing the state of Arizona in an attempt to stop immigration enforcement law.  Again, not stirring the pot…but, who is in charge? I thought we were on the same team, didn’t you?

Principle #5 of the 14 principles from the Toyota Way states:

Build a culture of stopping to fix problems, to get quality right the first time.

Our current political culture is in chaos.  And the media feeds the frenzy.  I think it’s time to stop and fix something, don’t you?  Stop spending money, growing the government, and making the list longer.  Fix something. OK…maybe one little stir.

I’m glad the ambulance crew followed standard procedures and successfully removed the patient from the burning vehicle before the explosion occurred.  It’s also nice to know no one was hurt.

We won’t solve all our problems overnight.  The good news is that lean leaders know that where there is chaos…there is opportunity.  As lean leaders, we’re called to help those around us explore and understand ways to make things a bit easier.  On rare occasions, ambulances catch fire.  Even we can get caught up in the frenzy and lose focus.

When was the last time you identified a lingering problem, stopped, and fixed it?

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73 Responses to It’s Time to Stop and Fix Something

  1. T. Caine says:

    Absolutely, Steve. Our country has become so hellbent on expansion that maintenance and repair have fallen on by the wayside some time ago. Wouldn’t it be nice to pause in our ever-expanding list of new endeavors to actually bring the rest of society back up to a reasonable point of function before we start extending further and further? The model we have adopted is completely unsustainable.

    • T. Caine – sad to think bringing society up to a reasonable point of function would actually feel acceptable for a bit. Being a lean thinking guy, I’d like to think we can do better. Totally agree with your take on unsustainability. Thanks.

  2. Brooke says:

    If the media was held more accountable for their reporting instead of focusing on ratings, we wouldn’t see half the things we see.

  3. Raul says:

    It is all about ratings. There is never a focus on the stories that truly impact our world. What it really comes down to is what is going to gather immediate interest. Unfortunately, what people find entertaining do not coincide with “issues.”

    • Raul – THANKS for visiting theThinkShack. You’re right, it’s all about the ratings. For most of my career, I’ve been involved with implementing lean, streamlining processes, making everyone’s life/work a bit easier. I try to focus on SOLUTIONS. So if people today are only interested in ‘being entertained’…how do we bring attention to the stories that impact our world. How can we help make a change?

    • Don Knight says:

      Stop listening to the media, try having an original thought without parroting Fox news.

  4. Todd Pack says:

    I have a crazy idea: What if someone started a 24-hour cable news channel? I don’t mean a talk-radio channel on television. I don’t mean a channel that’s focused on making stars out of the reporters and anchors. I mean a channel that actually focused on what’s happening in the world and — this is the crazy part — why it matters to you. You think anyone would watch?

    • Todd – Not a crazy idea. I think many of the networks/organizations start out with good intentions. It’s WHAT they choose and WHY that matters. Brooke ( made the point earlier…take ratings out of the picture and half of what we would see disappears. What IS happening in the world? Depends a lot on your world view, values, etc. I sense a trend of networks/websites starting to track folk’s opinions on issues.

      What folks choose to watch reflects what matters to them, and that affects the ratings. Given what’s currently available…that’s scary. Makes you think.

      • Have you ever been to the site called “The Real News Network”?

        This is the link:

        These guys try to get news to you in a straight and unbiased way. They work off of donations from the public. Maybe worth a look and a comment?

        Just a thought~

        -Dorian Wacquez

      • Dorian – Thanks for the link. I was able to get to the site at first, but seems to be ‘locked up’ now. From what I saw, seems interesting. If you read some of the comment trail, you’ll see my post was not necessarily about the media. We need a better culture in our political and business arenas. Lean thinking says to build a culture where it’s OK to stop and fix issues…not just keep piling them up.


  5. Great post! I have wondered for a while now what the US would look like if we took the time to review the legislation already in place instead of continually creating redundancies.

  6. Handsome Matt says:

    Nice post, good points.

    Thanks for sharing a link to the “Toyota Way.” Even the current CEO of Toyota, admits they moved away from their own guiding principles. I wish someone in Washington would have that kind of honesty.

    • Thanks Matt. I believe there’s tons of honesty in Washington right now…the media doesn’t show us. It takes a lot of work to dig through all the crap just to garnish enough info to intelligently vote. Part of the frenzy is it tends to force us into thinking that EVERYONE is one way or the other. We need to restore balance.

      Good to see someone make a POSITIVE comment regarding Toyota…even if it points to how they strayed from their beliefs.

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  8. Interesting read. The media in the UK has gradually been learning lessons from the US media and we are now subject to hyperbole and spin like never before. Speak to people at the centre of the action and it is rarely as ‘dramatic’ as it has been reported.

    That’s not, of course, to take away from the paramedics who did a great job in making sure their patient was safe!

    • Mark – Thanks for the UK ‘spin’…interesting. I cringe to think about anyone taking lessons from the US media! I’m sure you learned from your previous life…garbage in, garbage out. Any chance we can head things off and start in a better direction? 🙂


      • If you want an example of UK media coverage gone awry, there are plenty of examples on the BBC and Sky as I type over the standoff between the police and suspected gunman Raoul Moat.

        The press have even moaned that the police are keeping them behind a cordon away from the negotiations…

  9. Sam says:

    you’re right mate. that’s the way they handle the public mind, or at least try to do so. I think no one forgets how they deceive people of the west to engage them in Iraq and Afghanistan, but that’s the way politics works.

  10. Lakia says:

    This oil spill is SO unfortunate. I can’t believe it’s been over 80 days…hmmmm

  11. dennisfinocchiaro says:

    Powerful writing! Great, informative post.

  12. Scott says:

    The problem with the theory of an instant fix is that people will never learn to think the same. In this particular case of Nature Versus Nurture, nurture wins out. Everybody applies their own beliefs (or fixes if you will) depending on:
    A: Their morals
    B: Their Logic

    For example take the media issue you brought up: Yes the media is slanted, yes the media is corrupt, yes the media is false….. according to most of the public. Your Morals and logic is saying to you “this is false information, their obviously in the wrong.”
    However look at it from the media’s perspective. The media is (at its core) a big business. On the same ticket, a business’s main purpose is to make money. With this in mind which do you think makes more money, a story of a narrow flaming ambulance escape that leaves the viewers hanging until the last minute, or a story about a problem that was picked up on time and taken care of?

    This is just an example, everybody has their own goals and stimuli. As much as we all say something needs to be done, the odds of it actually happening are slim to none. The reason? Because we’ll never agree on what needs to be fixed, and how.

    • Scott – you make some good points. Please don’t misunderstand though…I’m not suggesting an INSTANT fix (your words). I’m proposing we STOP added more issues to the ‘fire’ until we solve the current issues we’re dealing with now. I disagree that we’ll never agree on what needs to be fixed. The issue is, the folks in charge right now simply don’t want to fix things because they have other agendas. Take a look at the list of issues…would you agree we should immediately stop spending federal funds and continue to grow our national debt? That ONE step starts the process of reversing the recession AND helps lower unemployment. Can we agree on the HOW as well? STOP SPENDING MONEY.

  13. Mike Paget says:

    ‘have a crazy idea: What if someone started a 24-hour cable news channel? I don’t mean a talk” ….even crazier, what if they were non-biased?

  14. who says:

    fix or at least be straight forward about an attempt

    it would be awesome, but the only thing anyone can do is start doing it themselves. Hopefully it would be socially acceptable and people would make a choice to collectively agree and “say it” with their actions.

    Nice post!

  15. Dhårmå says:

    I’d like to add in the increasing number of natural disasters happening. I know that they have been since the beginning of Earth, but lately it seems so much more. I can only imagine that this is purely because of our arrogance and ignorance as humans in regards to natural resources. We’re off balancing our planet, causing it to literally break down through earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, etc.

    • I’ll agree with you on adding natural disasters to the list…when they occur, they require huge amounts of effort. All the more reason to stop and fix the issues we have more control on.

      I’m not sold on the fact that the number of natural disasters is increasing. I think the amount of media coverage on natural disasters has skyrocketed.

      Lean thinking encourages taking a different view. Take weather for example. All that is reported is the ‘bad’ stuff. Storms, cold fronts, tornadoes, flooding. When discussing the radar charts, meteorologists only focus on these things. We forget that everything in between the ‘bad’ stuff, is good stuff!

      I like the 80/20 rule. 80% of Earth will experience NICE weather today. Why do we only report on the 20% ‘bad’ weather?

      God gave us the Earth and the resources from it. We’re not off balancing the Earth…we’re off balancing God. We should be more grateful…365 days a year. 🙂

  16. Adam Day says:

    Pathetic. This country needs to get the priorities straight. Instead of our President campaigning for LeBron James to join his Chicago Bulls, and vacationing during Memorial Day, maybe he should start focusing on our problems. Definitely not all his fault but he could step in and help a little more. Anyways, I won’t overtake your blog ha.

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  17. skyline127 says:

    While I agree with what you’re saying about how sensationalism and mass-media tends to be very corrupt Steve, wouldn’t you say that good ratings show that the news stations are giving people what they want? Money goes where someone is giving something to society that is wanted. No one wants to listen to possible solutions to what’s going on because it confuses them and forces them to focus on it instead of focusing on something else in their life. The only way to really fight back is toy with ignorance towards the channels and take everything with a grain of salt. (I, myself, am a very selectively ignorant person.)

    In a way though, you could also argue that the people who aren’t privy to this type of deception may take a matter into their own hands and fix it. Sensationalism can force action and benefit society as whole, no?

    • I’m fascinated by all the comments! theThinkShack tagline is “Lean Thinking Connections to Everyday Life”. I’ve been involved with lean, lean thinking, lean manufacturing during most of my career. I enjoy blogging, because it provides me unique opportunities to interact with more people. As a facilitator, coach, mentor, trainer, and engineer…I’ve enjoyed many years of interacting with folks, trying to understand how other people think, etc.

      With that said…this post was NOT about the media! My posts are about connections between my lean career (lean in general) and my experiences with everyday life. Being transparent, this post points to the need for all of us to better prioritize our lives (issues and opportunities) so we can accomplish our ‘wants’ (to your point).

      Within the lean ‘world’, Toyota developed what they called the 14 principles…ideas that form the ‘system’ of lean. Principle #5 (from my post) is about developing a culture where it’s OK to stop doing what you’re doing and FIX a problem or issue. My post was really nothing more than trying to make a connection between the current culture of our political landscape, and the fact that a lot of issues are piling up with nothing getting done.

      The ambulance exploded a few miles from my house…just another day in my everyday life. As a lean leader, I welcome opportunities of ‘chaos’, because it’s in those times we can make a difference.

      Your end point…’Sensationalism can force action and benefit society’. I wholeheartedly agree. Thanks for your comments.

  18. The Weddington Adventures says:

    interesting! great stuff. keep in touch:)

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  20. Mike Paget says:

    Media should be more liable instead of minor retractions. Was there one? Always makes me think of D. Sawyer on the Dateline :-0

  21. call2write says:

    Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed!

    I like your idea behind creating the ThinkShack, and agree with your post about stopping to fix things. As for the media, the sensationalism and “spin” type reporting make it difficult to know how much of what we hear or read to believe.

    On the internet, there’s and other websites where facts can be checked about stories circulating in email. It’s bad internet etiquette to pass along emails that are urban legends, yet TV and other news sources often pass off stories that would qualify as urban legends if investigated for their level of truth. We grumble about it when we find out the story was less than accurate, but continue to tune in next time. And many people don’t take the time to use the news source’s feedback options to let them know we expect better reporting.

    In our disposable society, fixing is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Replace instead of repair not only applies to products now, but influences our way of thinking about other issues too, such as those you mention in your post. And again, many times we just grumble about it, but do nothing to help fix the issue. Like contact our senators, representatives, and other elected officials to let them know we expect better from them, and from our tax dollars.

    • call2write – Thanks! Being Freshly Pressed falls under new mercies. 🙂

      Your comments are refreshing…good insight. I especially like your thoughts on our disposable society. We throw away items we no longer desire…while folks around us go to bed hungry. We toss relationships aside like we’re cleaning out a closet.

      But there’s hope!
      Some good words on stopping and/or being still and fixing things: Ps. 63:11 / Ps. 139:17-18

      Here’s to more hearing. 😉

  22. akilah76 says:

    I think the problem with the instant fix is our assumption that they want to fix it. It puts more money in their pockets not to. Oil spill, by not cleaning it up quickly puts more money in their pocket. Technology today is way more advanced to not have a solution, I don’t buy it. Media today is nothing more than a vehicle to distract us away from really going on. There is nothing that you can do to stop it so you need to go on with your daily task and figure out a plan of action for yourself.

    • akilah76 – read the comments from Scott and skyline127…then read my replies to them.

      Lean is not about instant fixes…it’s about, among many things, working towards solutions. The point of my post was to highlight the need for a better culture. Did you read Principle #5 of the 14 principles from the Toyota Way? (link in post).

      Do you really believe ‘they’ are making money by not cleaning up the oil spill? Who is ‘they’?

      I disagree there’s nothing we can do. Life isn’t about just going about a daily task. What’s YOUR plan of action?

  23. skorpen says:

    Hello sir,
    essentially I share your feelings, but in a society as large and diverse as ours, we are never going to “fix” any political issue. Not like when you’re building a car, and you can objectively evaluate whether or not a part fulfills its function. Any action taken on, for example, job creation, will generate conflict. Even if more jobs are created, there will still be unemployed people, as well as credible evidence that some other approach would have worked better. But that’s not an excuse for doing nothing. We should at least make some PROGRESS on our current woes before embarking on a new adventure.

    • skorpen – don’t call me sir…makes me feel old.

      First thing…you are very talented. You have a gift…stay different.

      Good comments. Please don’t fall into the trap of thinking we can NEVER fix political (or any other) issues. During my lean career, I’ve seen many large problems fixed. Some things I NEVER thought would get fixed. Lean thinking changed MY thinking.

      I’ll agree that it is getting more difficult to realize change, especially with our current political climate. I like your positive ending on progress. Some progress is a fix.

      In the lean ‘world’ (lean manufacturing, etc.), you’re taught to look for small improvements and implement them quickly. A bunch of small improvements can turn into a ‘fix’.

      Use your talent to change the world. Yes, you can.

  24. jericoeleven says:

    Reach out and touch faith. Entropic cannibalism of a nation gone awry a long time ago. The American Way of life was fueled on the dreams of millions and built over cadavers the world across. Way back in time, a long time ago, when Marlyn and Elvis were young, America the Beautiful had the luxury of its people not knowing what and how their government acted beyond their borders, U.S. corporations financing genocide in the jungles, supporting de facto regimes that tortured and killed without remorse, puppet pro US dictators upheld and fed with your tax dollars, misery fort the world all in the name of stopping the communist imperialistic hoards that had a pretty similar agenda. The media plays to the masses and the masses, the world over, are one and the same; a million headed monster demanding to be entertained and numbed, dying as it kills. So humanity has come a long way just ton find out it’s the same barbaric ape. What’s strange though is the fact that we somehow still believe politicians and businessmen not only know what they’re doing, but that they have OUR interest in mind. Cheers…

    • jericoeleven – I feel so much better now.

      theThinkShack tries not to discriminate with incoming comments…although this one came close to providing some firewood.

      Was there a point to your rant? Your blog needs some work (that’s why I removed your link).


  25. Kat says:

    When is the last time I fixed something? well, I did my little part when I picked up trash on the side of the road as I returned from a walk with my dog. If I don’t pick it up, who will?

  26. ZZMike says:

    “The most hyped story the media has covered over the past few days is what team NBA star Lebron James will play for over the next few years. ”

    While it’s yesterday’s news and now birdcage-liner, it should have been obvious to anyone with an ounce of common sense (that extraordinarily uncommon quality) that he’d go to Florida. Consider: go to New York, face a several million $$ tax bill. Go to Florida: no tax bill. That’s why Tiger Woods (among others) went there.

    The very fact that that story was so hyped in the media is proof that whoever Runs Things believes that what the People want is more bread and circuses (“circuses” describes pretty well what we see on most TV screens).

    Why bother to cover real stories, like the EU economy – which is what we’re facing – when it’s so much easier to tell about “celebrities” and sports figures.

    My take on “TV news” (which I haven’t watched in a long while) is that it consists of cute people chatting about mostly irrelevant things.

    skyline123: “… wouldn’t you say that good ratings show that the news stations are giving people what they want?”

    That’s a hard problem. I relate it to the “chicken and egg” thing. TV has been dumbing down for years (does anybody remember FCC Chairman Newton Minow’s “vast wasteland” quote?), with the result that people expect less. Expecting less, the networks (and the movies) can lower their sights, save tons of money (“who needs those pesky writers when we can run Reality shows?”), and so it goes, round & round.

    jericoeleven : On that happy note…..

    I do notice that you left out things like saving the Free World’s butt not once but twice (WW I, WW II); after WW II implementing the Marshall Plan that rebuilt Europe; making Russia back down in its blockade of West Berlin by flying continuously (in the mathematical sense) for 15 months; that it’s American planes that arrive first at the scene anywhere in the world with relief supplies and medical personnel; …

    (About that airlift:

    “What Stalin had failed to anticipate was U.S. President Harry Truman’s stubborn “the-buck-stops-here” determination to thwart any communist takeover.”

    I’m happy to find your site – every now and again a gem turns up on “Freshly Pressed”.

  27. Benny says:

    The real secret to fixing a problem: providing a solution that people like!

    It’s easy to provide solutions. How do we stop global warming? Stop using cars! No more fossil fuel combustion! But do people like that? Not one bit. How do we stop the increasing national debt? Increase taxes! Lower spending! Is that amenable to people? Not so much.

    The trick to fixing problems is to get a solution that solves the problem and is easy for people to follow. It’s also the tough part. But I think it’s worth mentioning.

    Here’s a GREAT book that illustrates the point (and it’s where I learned this idea from): The Gods Themselves by Isaac Asimov. Besides being an amazing story, it deals with a lot of issues that we’re facing today and also acts as a lesson to its readers on how to approach the problem.

    • Benny – I agree. Again, the point of my post was to highlight lean principle #5 of the Toyota Way 14 principles. To achieve a successful lean transformation, you need to build on a solid foundation. Toyota’s ‘Lean Thinking House’ foundation is based on lean thinking managers and teachers. It suggests that the culture of a company (enterprise, government, etc.) should be nourished by those in areas of responsibility.

      Our political leaders, those in authority who have the responsibility to provide and implement solutions, have created a culture where nothing is getting done. On top of that, many of them would like to pile on more stuff.

      Lean thinking, what theThinkShack is about, says to build a culture of stopping and fixing problems. Again, I agree with your point about developing solutions that people can agree with. Without the proper culture…we’ll never get there.

      Thanks for commenting. I read ‘Who Is Benny’…seems like you’re working through identifying solutions to lots of stuff. Keep thinking.

  28. Phillip says:

    The LeBron story was incredibly overblown. The media is out for the largest ratings, simple as that… no matter what the story. They’re also in it for the shock value which is why that story is so manipulated. An ambulance explosion? That kind of headline grabs readers more than… ambulance fire, nobody injured. The fact that nobody got hurt makes nobody care to even see it… at least the media assumes that.

  29. mostlymath says:

    I do wonder sometimes whether the media shows us what we like or we like what the media shows us. The very nature of news outlets means they have to sensationalize things, they need to grab people’s interest. But you’re very right, we all need to chip in to make things better. Some very interesting ideas, thank you.

    • What?…no math quiz?! Where’s the creativity?
      Note – most lotteries added one more number to the mix to essentially make it impossible for someone to cover all the possibilities. They always take away our fun. I made it through 4 semesters of Calculus.

      Nice site…stay different.

      • mostlymath says:

        Haha I tend to meet a lot of hostility when I talk exclusively in math problems, thought I’d mix it up with some with normal conversation. With regards to the lottery, the extra number makes it trickier, but it’s still doable with a couple of extra million tickets. It would be no fun if it was easy…

      • If you figure out a plan for that extra million ticket thingy…I’m in. 🙂

  30. sayitinasong says:

    News have become just another entertainment show chasing viewers like any other programme. Everything is breaking news nowadays.

  31. Matt (The Evangelical Athlete) says:

    the media is insane. they control america and it’s pretty sad. I’m glad that blogs like this one are honest and tell the facts, not the frauds

    • Matt – I don’t believe the media controls America. Not yet anyway. Turn it off if you don’t believe it…the media goes away. We can make a change. Use your blog to make a change. Don’t buy into the insanity.

      Thanks for the kind words.

  32. Antonht says:

    It’s Strange that most news you find in the papers, TV, Radio and such are honestly “Bad” News… But why they have that is for we have had that kind of news since our birth, Still why make a bigger deal of the bad news instead the good ones?

    Anyway, Time To end the wars soon? It’s time to realize that it will take years, And only with help from all nations and Afg, and IRQ’s ppl’s will It can become a great success!

    I may have wrong, But honestly its Americas fault that they got into this situation! You cant blame it on 1 man/woman. You as the ppl could as well made that mistake! *

    Thx anyway for the thoughts 🙂

  33. duckyinfo says:

    First off, I’m pleasantly surprised that you reply to each of the comments that come to this post. That’s rare in the majority of blogs. Usually it’s a blanket response.

    As to the news story, there is a bunch of poor journalism out there. In a time when “Entertainment Tonight” and what is it, “MZT”?, is thought of as journalism by those who watch it; then what is a new organization going to do to attract the eye balls? Not condoning bad journalism here. But I can see the temptation to pull that switch and bait stuff to keep your viewers glued to the set.

    It’s always been done to some degree or another. The ubiquitous, “Update at Eleven” come from that. Tease them with the barest of facts at six and promise them the juicy details when they tune into the nightly news. But it has progressed to the point of tabloid journalism and it’s embarrassing.

    • duckyinfo – please know your comment regarding receiving an honest response from theThinkShack is much appreciated. My aim is to try and link comments to lean thinking. It’s great when folks connect…gives more everyday experience for connecting! We’re open and honest…so I admit there’s been a few comments that have been sent through with no reply. We’re finding it’s not too difficult to spot those interested in only abusing the system.

      Which leads to the interesting discussion you bring up in your comments. Where’s the ‘breaking point’ between poor journalism, bait and switch,etc. versus good journalism, worthy topics, culture uplifting news. In our attempt to keep ‘customers’ hooked…are we doing more harm than good?

      Good comments…love your site.

  34. I couldn’t agree more. I think people have lost trust in everything in America, from our media to our government because there doesn’t seem to be any solid answers to all of our issue. It seems that they are all hiding something from us when American people live in the country and want to know about the issues and help solve it too.

    Some Americans would rather complain than help, but issues won’t be solved until every person is aware of the issues and is willing to help fix it.

    • generationnext – EXCELLENT point regarding people losing trust in America. That’s why it’s so important for leaders (managers, parents, teachers, CEOs, pastors, presidents, etc) to support the proper culture. It’s vital in business, at home, in government…in our world.

      In the world of lean and lean thinking, it’s critical to establish and nourish the proper culture to achieve a successful lean transformation. Many companies go for quick fixes, neglecting the culture importance.

      Many folks make the mistake of thinking lean is about eliminating waste and applying lean ‘tools’. They’re wrong. Yes, eliminating waste and applying the tools are important. However, lean is really about these two things: Respect For People and Continuous Improvement.

      Leaders show they respect folks when they help develop and nurture a culture where continuous improvements can be achieved. Most of our government leaders are not doing that at this time…would you agree?

      Sorry the reply was so long! – Absolutely LOVE the video! Thanks.

      (Note – Your URL link is no good…might need to check it?)

  35. custompaperpoint says:

    informative post. but some body should do some thing for this.

  36. Great post. Found my way here through Mark Graban’s blog.

    @generationnext posted a tiny segment from the video that your post made me think of. It’s funny how Saturday Night Live makes light of something that’s completely true…and seems so obvious when you listen to him, and yet people struggle to act actually execute on the concept.

    “Take it one step at time. Identify the problem. FIX IT! Identify another problem. FIX IT! Repeat as necessary until it’s all FIXED!” -Oscar Rogers

    The Oscar Rogers segment is here:

    I clipped that portion from the original video here:

    • Scott – glad you connected.
      (theThinkShack thanks Mark G at again for re-routing traffic. Is there an accident? 🙂

      theThinkShack was developed to help raise the fallen lean pillar of Respect For People. Many companies today (dare I say lean leaders?) have fueled a lean culture where the only thing that matters is reducing waste (Mark Graban calls it L.A.M.E.) I call it sad. Maybe I see it more clearly because of my Wiremold days? We all know that it takes a proper culture to successfully sustain lean efforts. Where (or why?) did we get off-track?

      As lean leaders, we need to take a long look in the mirror and check our motivations.

      Thanks for commenting…stay connected.


  37. This article reminded me of the wonderful ideas perpetuated by “Ode Magazine.” They only report ‘the good news.’ 😉

    With Love and Gratitude,

    The Intentional Sage

  38. sarahnsh says:

    I never watch the news myself, like you said, it’s too much of a frenzy and crazy news sells and makes more ratings than something positive. So, I try to stay away from it and not watch it myself. I agree, it’s just like a shark frenzy almost, and nothing gets done.

  39. Civic Participation Front is the answer …
    We should increase our participation
    napping is not the answer
    Good Luck

  40. thanx Steve
    Loss of Civic Participation has many dangers….
    in my country Iran , Khatami became the president …. President hasn’t enough power such as US but People were hopeful , but after 8 years, the University student didn’t let him to speak ….
    Who was guilty? us or him ? both of us
    we didn’t try for civic participation and he didn’t ask us for civic participation ….
    City Parliment is the only free election in Iran, We striked then Radical Conservitives won the seats … with less than 25 % of people vote.
    In 2004 presidential election , Conservitives won easily (although it was good because it increased the Consciousness in people but it lets conservitives to extend their power)
    If reformists had created an active party now the situation were different …
    (I think the reason of wane of orange revolution is loss of civic participation, People thought that coming of orange government is the finish point but it was turning point )
    In US , Obama is the symbol of change , but people got distrusted , but he will be president in 2012 but what will happen after that ? Huge distrustion ? It anguishes me

  41. ZZMike says:

    Ayran Shining: “In US , Obama is the symbol of change , but people got distrusted , but he will be president in 2012 but what will happen after that ? ”

    He got elected by promising “change”. He never told us what that change would be. So now, he’s letting us know: more government intrusion into daily life, government takeovers of the biggest auto company, government takeover of the health-care system, and soon, government takeover of the financial sector.

    I think the People will finally realize that the “change” he promised us was Socialism, and reject him in 2012.

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