Respect For People – Lean Relationships

Yesterday was a pretty cool day for theThinkShack.  It’s Time to Stop and Fix Something was featured in Freshly Pressed, on the site.  Freshly Pressed is how WordPress helps the ‘little blogs’ get exposure by placing a link to their blog on the homepage.  theThinkShack is grateful to WordPress for providing this very cool service.

Freshly Pressed is a fantastic example of Respect For People.  Wordpress builds partners and fosters long-term relationships with bloggers by recognizing and rewarding outstanding efforts.  Everyone wins.

And you do get exposure. 🙂

This morning, theThinkShack link is still shining brightly on Freshly Pressed, so I thought it would be appropriate to share the remaining spotlight with some of my lean friends and/or contacts…those who have helped or encouraged me along my lean blogging journey. I encourage you to connect with them and discover more about this thing we call LEAN.

Lean blogs I like:

Lean websites and friends:

Thanks for making the journey more fun than I ever imagined. 😉


About Steve Martin - theThinkShack

Hey there...I'm Steve. I built theThinkShack...a virtual hideaway about Lean Thinking and how it Connects to Everyday Life.
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One Response to Respect For People – Lean Relationships

  1. Matt Wrye says:

    Steve, Congrats on yesterday. That was truly cool to see your site on Freshly Pressed. Thanks for the add today on the site. Keep up the great work.

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