About YOU

theThinkShack tagline: Lean Thinking Connections…to Everyday Life.

Some thoughts to think on…

Almost my entire career has revolved around lean thinking.  It’s just a career.

What’s more important? – Lean thinking or everyday life?

No fair thinking about just the ‘good’ days. Every day life.

How important are connections?

Why did YOU ‘click’ onto this page?  Curious about yourself?  Think about it.

What did you expect to find?

What’s the one thing About YOU that makes you unique?  What is it About YOU that brings joy, satisfaction and purpose to Everyday Life?

Connections are important to me.  I’m glad we connected.

But this page isn’t about me.

It’s About YOU.


2 Responses to About YOU

  1. Gail says:

    I found your “Think Shack” to be thought provoking. I have not heard of “lean thinking” prior to reading your site. I have heard of cost and production assessment in view of stream lining a corporation or plant for a better and more productive way of management, but had not thought of these concepts as pertaining to every day life, at least not consciously. Keep up the good work of inspiration!

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