Hi there…welcome to theThinkShack.  theThinkShack Connects Lean Thinking to Everyday Life.  What’s Lean Thinking?  Great question.

I challenge you to do some research and find a clear and concise definition.  If you happen to stumble across something that seems reasonable, see if it closely matches the gazillion other definitions you unearthed during your hunt…betcha it doesn’t.

So where does that leave us?  Maybe a closer look at theStructure of theThinkShack will help:



theThinkShack rests on a foundation of Respect For People and Continuous Improvement. We took these two pillars of lean from the Toyota Production System, drove them firmly into rich soil as pilings, and built theThinkShack on top.


Lean, lean thinking, lean concepts.  Discussions on product development and manufacturing. Improvements in service areas; such as, healthcare and global shipping.  Lots of things to look at. theWalls help contain everything and provide focus.


Like the look?  Sturdy in most places, a bit rickety here and there.  theFence keeps the big ideas that manage to breakthrough theWalls from escaping into theUnknown. theFence provides some privacy when needed as well.


Ideas or discussions not related to lean thinking are usually tossed into theFireplace. We don’t like to throw stones…so we built theChimney.  Vulgar language and/or disrespectful comments are also used to heat theThinkShack.


Everyone is welcome to step up and take a peek inside…don’t be shy.  theWindow keeps us honest.  We try not to hide anything from anyone.

theDoor                                                      ?

YES…theThinkShack does have a door.  If you can’t see it yet…keep looking.  When you find it, don’t bother knocking.  Just come on in.


Let’s see…rickety fence, a crooked wall, and theWindow could use some TLC.  WE’RE NOT PERFECT.  Solid foundation though…and theCreativeInteriorDesign is top-notch. Check us out and come sit by theFire.  Stay as long as you like.


theThinkShack is a virtual hideaway containing stories, articles, discussions and ideas relating to Lean Thinking and how it Connects to Everyday Life.  theThinkShack stands to challenge the status quo of how lean is implemented in today’s world.

Today, there are plenty of lean experts claiming to be the best at implementing lean. theThinkShack believes it’s not about being the best…it’s about choosing to be better.

What’s our plan?  We think folks need to play at higher levels of creativity and nurture the lost art of lean craftsmanship.  By helping to raise the fallen pillar of Respect For People…we’ll be well on our way.

If you’re still not sure what Lean Thinking is all about…you’re welcome to hang out with us and learn.  And Think.

We’d love theCompany.

Read about theBuilder of theThinkShack.


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