Hey there…I’m Steve.  I built theThinkShack.  

Here’s a little bit about me:

Who I Am:  Christian, Husband, Dad, Son, Brother, Uncle, Nephew

Roles people say I’m pretty good at playing:  Helper, Teacher, Facilitator, Mentor, Coach, Engineer, Creative Thinker

Things that motivate me:  People that need a hand, People eager to learn, People who feel stuck, Puzzles

I like doing things differently.  If you’re new to theThinkShack, it may take you some time to get comfortable.  I hope the different features make you THINK.  During most of my career, I’ve been involved with lean manufacturing.  My hope is that theThinkShack site becomes a virtual hideaway containing stories, articles, discussions and ideas relating to Lean Thinking and how it Connects to Everyday Life.

If you’d like to learn some more about me, you can read my story or take a look at my career and see the folks who’ve helped me along the way.

theThinkShack is real.  It was constructed from tangible items much more valuable than wood, brick and glass.  I do love the logo…but please don’t miss the important connections.  Visitors have come in all shapes and sizes; family, friends, co-workers, colleagues, and consultants. Hope you can spend some time with us and continue the journey.

Nice to meet you,



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